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Focus on Regulation

Mexico Implements “Ventanilla Unica” Paperless Environment for Import and Export Operations

Mexico will no longer allow the filing of import or export documentation or declarations in paper form.   Effective June 1, 2012, Mexican importers, exporters and their brokers are required to use the Single Window for Foreign Trade (“Ventanilla Unica de Comercio Exterior”) to submit shipment information and related supporting documentation (e.g., certificates of origin and permits). 

The “Ventanilla Unica” is a single portal system (operated by Mexico’s Tax Administration/Customs) that allows traders to meet all import- or export-related regulatory requirements through a single, electronic filing with only one agency.  The “Ventanilla Unica”  is an integral part of Mexico’s customs modernization process and is intended to (1) eliminate all paper filings of import and export information; (2) expedite inbound and outbound trade operations; (3) facilitate the sharing of information among the Mexican government agencies dealing with cross-border regulatory requirements; and (4) reduce the costs of cross-border transactions.