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AWS-3 Auction Ownership Information

Last week, the Commission released the list of 80 applicants for the AWS-3 Auction, scheduled to begin November 13. From the names of the applicants, it is not always easy to tell what major telecom or investment companies have interests in the applicants. We have done the hard work for you, reviewing the ownership disclosures for these 80 applicants. Below, we provide the key ownership information, as well as links to the ownership disclosures, where available.


Ownership Information

2014 AWS Spectrum Bidco Corporation

John A. Dooley
TerreStar Corporation (Insulated LP, 99% Equity, 0% Vote; Highland Crusader, Sola Ltd, and West Face hold interests in TerreStar)
Jarvinian LLC

Advantage Spectrum, L.P.

US Cellular

American AWS-3 Wireless I L.L.C.


AT&T Wireless Services 3 LLC


Atlantic Seawinds Communications, LLC

Board of Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp. (Shallotte, NC)

Auction 97 Capital Partners, LP

Thomas A. & Hanne Wolf


Paul W. Chisholm
Columbia Capital
Telcom Ventures

Bek Communications Cooperative

BEK Communications

Big River Broadband, LLC

Big River Broadband, LLC (Gerard J. Howe)

Bluegrass Wireless LLC

Cellular Division of Logan Telephone Coop., Brandenburg Cellular Corp., North Central Telephone Coop., South Central Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Cumberland Cellular

Bluewater Wireless L.P.

David Abrams (distressed securities investor and former controlling interest in USA Mobility), Amos Hostetter (net worth $2.6B, founder of Continental Cablevision), Charles Townsend (General Partner at Aloha Partners)

C&W Enterprises, Inc.

Kim & Wesley Kelley

Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless


Central Texas Telephone Investments, LP

Board of Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Goldthwaite, TX)

Cerberus Communications LP

Monon Telephone (general partner), Central Indiana Communications, Citizens Telephone Corp., Clay Co. Rural Telephone Coop., Miles Communications, New Lisbon Telephone, RTC Communications Corp. (limited partners)

Charles J. Ryan III P.C.


Chester Telephone Company

Board controls (Chester, SC)

Choice Phone LLC

Richard Yu, Jeselyn Yu, Angelie Ong, Ronnie Lim

City of Ketchikan, AK d/b/a KTU Telecommunications

City of Ketchikan, AK

Cypress Cellular, LP

Anderson Pacific Partners, LLC (Kenneth Anderson and Christopher Jensen)

Docomo Pacific, Inc.

NTT DoCoMo Inc.

Eagle Telephone System, Inc.

Lillian, Michael, and Robert Lattin

Emery Telcom-Wireless, Inc.

Board of Emery Telephone (Orangeville, UT)

Fidelity Communications Company

Andrew B. Davis, Katherine E. Ruwwe, Michael T. Davis et al.

FMTC Wireless, Inc.

Board of Farmers’ Mutual Telephone Company (Nora Springs, IA)

FTC Management Group, Inc.

Board of Farmers Telephone Cooperative (Kingstree, SC)

Gaye, Irene A


Geneseo Communications Services, Inc.

(ownership information not provided)

Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.

Gila River Indian Community

Glenwood Telephone Membership Corp.

Board controls (Blue Hill, NE)

Grand River Communications, Inc.

Board of Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp. (Princeton, MO)

Harbin, Anthony T


Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Co.

Board controls (Hemingford, NE)

Home Enterprises, Inc.

Wayne Baldwin Trust, Irene Baldwin Trust

Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Board controls (Conway, SC)

Kurian, Beaulah T


Ligtel Communications, Inc.

Ligonier Telephone (Robert. P Schloss Family Credit Shelter, Meshell Schloss, Phil Schloss Family Trust)

Lynch 3G Communications Corporation

LICT Corp (Mario J. Gabelli, MJG 1999 Descendants Trust, John Gabelli)

(In 2006, Mr. Gabelli and affiliated companies and individuals agreed to pay $130 million to settle civil charges that they defrauded the FCC’s designated entity (DE) program by setting up “sham” entities to take advantage of bidding credits and other benefits.)

Michigan Wireless, LLC

Hilbert Communications, LLC (Zee Bee Development, Stephen J. Schneider, Paul O. and Carol H. Gehl Revocable Trust, Paul O. and Carol H. Gehl 2011 Trust, Robert K. Eddy)

NE Colorado Cellular, Inc.

Francis J. DiRico

New Access Wireless, LLC

David Grain
Grain Management

Northern Valley Communications, LLC

Board of James Valley Communications (Groton, SD)

Northstar Wireless, LLC

Doyton Ltd., Catalyst Investors, Brian Rich, Christopher Shipman, D. Ryan McNally, Tyler Newton, Todd Clapp, Gene Wolfson, Caribou Creek Partners, DISH Network Corp., Charles and Cantey Ergen

Nsight Spectrum, LLC

Northeast Communications of Wisconsin (Patrick Riordan, Robert Riordan, Tailwind Capital Partners)

Orion Wireless LLC

David G. Behenna Trust/David G. Behenna

Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Board Controls (Walterboro, SC)

Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative

Board Controls
(Bemidji, MN)

Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Board Controls
(Laurens, SC)

Pine Cellular Phones, Inc.

Jewel B. Callaham Trust

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Board Controls
(Kingfisher, OK)

Prime Spectrum, LLC

Joshua Goldbard

Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.

America Movil
Carlos Slim Family

PVT Networks, Inc.

Penasco Valley Telephone Cooperative

Radio Spectrum Partners, LP

Radio Spectrum Group, LLC

Rainbow Telecommunications Assn., Inc.

Board Controls
(Everest, KS)

ReiTer, ScoTT D [sic]


RigNet Satcom, Inc.

Kohlberg Kravis Robert investment funds, Henry R. Kravis, George R. Roberts

RSA 1 LP d/b/a Chat Mobility

Alltel Communications of Nebraska, Cumberland Telephone Co., Famers Mutual Telephone Co. of Stanton, Iowa, Farmers Telephone Co., Grand River Communications, Griswold Coop. Telephone Co., Iowa State Line Communications, Prairie Telephone Co., Interstate Enterprises

S&T Communications, Inc.

Board of S&T Telephone Cooperative Association (Brewster, KS)

SAAS License, LLC

SAAS Management, controlled by Sanjiv Ahuja (chairman and cofounder of Eaton Towers and former chairman and CEO of LightSquared) and Arun Sarin (former CEO of Vodafone)

Sagebrush Cellular, Inc.

Board of Nemont Telephone Cooperative (Scobey, MT)

Sandhill Communications, LLC

Board of Sandhill Telephone Cooperative (Jefferson, SC)

SI Wireless, LLC

Crosslink Wireless, Egyptian Telephone Coop. Assn., Shawnee Communications, Technology Group, Wabash Telephone Coop., Hamilton Co. Telephone Co-op.

Smith Bagley, Inc.

Estate of Smith Bagley (Elizabeth F. Bagley)

Smithville Spectrum, LLC

Smithville Holding (Darby A. McCarty Revocable Trust)

SNR Wireless LicenseCo, LLC

John Muleta; BlackRock Financial; and DISH (American AWS-3 Wireless)

Sofio, Joseph A


Southeastern Indiana Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Board Controls
(Dillsboro, IN)

Spotlight Media Corp, Inc.

Michael & Edith Gelfand

Teleguam Holdings, LLC

AP TeleGuam (AP Cayman Partners II, Advantage Partners IV, Japan Ireland Investment Partners)

Texas RSA 7B3, L.P. d/b/a Peoples Wireless Services

Board of Peoples Telephone Cooperative (Quitman, TX)

The Ponderosa Telephone Co.

Elizabeth L. Silkwood, Franklin E. Bigelow, James F. Wagner, Mary E. Costales, Kristann S. Mattes, Mary F. Bigelow,

T-Mobile License LLC

T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)

Triad 8, LLC

Barry Lewis and Craig Viehwig

Triangle Communication System, Inc.

Board of Triangle Telephone Cooperative Assn. (Havre, MT)

Tristar License Group, LLC

William M. Mounger II

VTel Wireless, Inc.

J. Michel Guite 2011 Descendants Trust

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association

Board Controls
(Gowrie, IA)

Wolverine Wireless, LP

Jefferson Cellular (general partner – 51% owned by Jefferson Telephone Co. and 49% owned by US Cellular)

Zephyr Spectrum Holdings

John D. Curtis Jr.