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Why the Repeal Bill is central to making Brexit a success

Leaving the EU will require the most comprehensive re-writing of the UK’s statute book ever undertaken. Parliament must unpick over 40 years of integration between the UK and the EU legal systems and ensure no gaps are left in the process.  The Government’s solution, the highly anticipated, formerly ‘Great’, Repeal Bill, is due to be published this Thursday, 13 July 2017.  The Bill is likely to be the most constitutionally significant legislation enacted by the UK Parliament since the European Communities Act 1972, which took the UK into the European Economic Community and which the Repeal Bill is set to repeal and replace.

In advance of the Bill being published, we look ahead to what the Bill is expected to do, what happens next and the consequences of Parliament failing to pass the Repeal Bill into legislation before the UK leaves the EU.  Read more here and for a visual explanation of how EU law is currently incorporated into UK law and what needs to change post-Brexit, click here.