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Truth or Dare: Encouraging Truthful Bidding in the US Incentive Auction

By: Coleman Bazelon & Giulia McHenry, The Brattle Group; Trey Hanbury, Hogan Lovells The Federal Communications Commission recently proposed a voluntary “incentive auction” of most of the nation’s over-the-air television frequencies.  The process of trading rabbit ears for smartphones begins with a reverse auction for the broadcasters’ spectrum.  The auction is called a “reverse” auction because the government is buying, not selling,

United States Rulemaking for Incentive Auction of Broadcaster Spectrum

The US Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released its long-awaited proposal to recapture broadband spectrum from broadcasters on TV Channels 20-51. The proposed auction promises to send waves throughout the entire communications industry: broadcasters will be able to cash in on their spectrum rights, mobile providers will have the opportunity to acquire more spectrum, and companies that rely

The Supreme Court’s Major Wireless Non-Decision Decision

Amid the historic results of the past Supreme Court term, industry watchers should not overlook the Court’s decision to deny certiorari and not hear the broadcasters’ appeal of the FCC’s 2008 cross-ownership decision.  Last year the Third Circuit upheld the FCC’s rules, which preserved most limits on how many stations one broadcaster could control in