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Belgian endives on the frontline for price fixing by farmers

Belgian endives are a divisive vegetable: their bitterness delights some but repulses others. And even amongst Belgian endive enthusiast you’ll find some that prefer them raw – to maintain their crispness – while others like them cooked so that their bitterness comes out even more. But Belgian endives are no longer the exclusive battleground of

European Commission Initiates Guidance on Antitrust Rules in the Agricultural Sector

The enforcement of antitrust rules in the agricultural sector has been a taboo in Brussels for decades – and for good reason. Spending on the so-called Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) represented the vast majority of the EU budget until the beginning of the 21st century and the agricultural sector could consequently hardly be seen as open to the principles of the market economy. But things have slowly started to change with the creation of the World Trade Organisation and the reduction of farm subsidies in recent years.