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Executive Order Creates Committee to Replace “Team Telecom” Review of Foreign Telecom Investments

President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order creating a new multiagency process for Executive Branch review of telecommunications-related applications and licenses involving foreign participation in the telecommunications sector. The newly established Executive Branch committee ostensibly replaces the review currently conducted by an informal, multiagency group known as “Team Telecom.” But the Committee’s mandate includes several novel features that expand the reach and scope of national security review beyond what Team Telecom could accomplish.

FCC Eases the Restrictions on Certain Foreign Investments in U.S. Wireless Carriers

The structuring of minority indirect foreign investments in U.S. wireless telecommunications carriers may become slightly easier for some companies, thanks to a decision released by the FCC late last week.  The decision, in IB Docket No. 11-133, dealt with the rather esoteric question of whether a foreign investment, held indirectly through a U.S.-organized entity that