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We are the Champions – France and Germany unite to revive industrial policy at European level

Following the European Commission’s prohibition of the Alstom-Siemens transaction, the French and German governments published a manifesto calling for a reform of current EU merger rules, in order to shape a “European industrial policy fit for the 21st Century”. This manifesto appears to be directly addressed to the next European Commission, which will be renewed following the European elections this year.

France Tightens Grip on Industry Payments to HCPs (again)

On 19 January 2017, major modifications were adopted in France to the regulations on interactions between the industry and healthcare professionals (and other stakeholders). These new regulations, a.k.a. “anti-benefits regulations”, will entail major changes in the industry’s compliance procedures relating to payments and other transfers of value to those stakeholders.   The new rules are

Industry – HCP Relations Soon Subject to Tougher Regulations in France?

In France, anti-benefits regulations prohibit the health industry from offering direct and indirect benefits of any kind to HCPs, except in very limited circumstances. These regulations also establish a consultative process requiring the prior opinion of professional bodies, in particular on the fair market value of payments made to HCPs. These regulations apply to companies

The Australian pharmaceutical industry association introduces self-regulation requirement to disclose payments to healthcare professionals and consumer organisations

On 5 July 2012, Medicines Australia, the pharmaceutical industry association in Australia, announced the adoption of its new Code of Conduct. Although the Code is not legally binding, it reflects a growing tendency, partly legislative in nature and partly through industry self-regulation, to promote transparency in relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and