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Practical Pointers: Social Media Guidelines for Public Officials (and the People who Advise Them)

Social media has transformed the ways legislators and their staff interact with constituents. Through social media platforms, our elected officials share insights into the legislative process, communicate with constituents, and even provide life-saving updates during times of crisis. Politicians can also use social media to grow their following and influence public discourse—as when a Texas

The European Court of Human Rights accepts that the protection of the reputation of a public authority can be a legitimate aim for restricting Article 10 rights

In Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers [1993] AC 534, the House of Lords held that it was of the highest public importance to allow a democratically elected governmental body to be subject to uninhibited scrutiny and criticism.  As such, it is now a well-established principle of UK defamation law that local authorities cannot sue

Procedural Unfairness? Get over it!

Core issues Trust v Transport for London (“TfL”) The High Court has rejected a claim brought by the Core Issues Trust (the “Trust“) in relation to a proposed “anti-gay” advertising campaign. The Court ruled that it was lawful for TfL to refuse to display, on London buses, the advertising slogan: “Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and