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AWS-3 Auction Revenue Surpasses $16 Billion

After four days and fifteen rounds of bidding, bidding for paired spectrum in the AWS-3 spectrum auction (Auction 97) remained very strong today.  Total revenue accelerated past its $10+ billion reserve price this morning and closed the day in excess of $16 billion.  The current revenue level ensures that Auction 97 will fully cover the

FCC Releases Repacking Simulation Software

Yesterday, the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force announced that it was making available two pieces of software that interested parties can use to conduct repacking simulations in preparation for the FCC’s Incentive Auction. The first software program is a Constraint Generator that creates pairwise interference constraint files that pre-calculate all the channels to which a station

Next Steps in the FCC’s Incentive Auction: A Preview of the Seven Near-Term Releases

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is deep in the midst of planning the world’s first broadcast incentive auction, currently slated for mid-2015.  The auction will give over-the-air television broadcasters an opportunity to sell their valuable spectrum rights in a reverse auction process, and the FCC will then repackage this cleared spectrum and auction it to

Incentive Auction and Mobile Spectrum Holdings Report and Orders – Responses from Industry and the Public

As discussed in our post earlier today, the Federal Communications Commission yesterday adopted long-awaited rules governing the 600 MHz incentive auction and spectrum-aggregation proceedings.  Interested parties throughout the wireless industry, including wireless carriers, industry associations, and public interest groups, issued statements regarding their thoughts about the new rules.  We’ve assembled many of those statements here

Federal Communications Commission Adopts Incentive Auction and Mobile Spectrum Holdings Report and Orders

After 18 months of deliberation, the Federal Communications Commission yesterday adopted rules governing the 600 MHz incentive auction and spectrum-aggregation proceedings.  These hard-fought orders, which the Democrat-controlled FCC adopted over vigorous dissents from the two Republican Commissioners, Ajit Pai and Michael O’Reilly, provide a solid foundation for at least one competitive carrier to acquire low-band

Seven Legacies of the Genachowski Era: Part Two of Two

In Part One, we discussed four achievements that may come to define current Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski’s legacy. Those achievements include Genachowski’s efforts to modernize the creaky $8 billion Universal Service Fund, his close scrutiny of competition-related transactions, including his decision to take the rare step of blocking the AT&T-T-Mobile transaction,

Truth or Dare: Encouraging Truthful Bidding in the US Incentive Auction

By: Coleman Bazelon & Giulia McHenry, The Brattle Group; Trey Hanbury, Hogan Lovells The Federal Communications Commission recently proposed a voluntary “incentive auction” of most of the nation’s over-the-air television frequencies.  The process of trading rabbit ears for smartphones begins with a reverse auction for the broadcasters’ spectrum.  The auction is called a “reverse” auction because the government is buying, not selling,

United States Rulemaking for Incentive Auction of Broadcaster Spectrum

The US Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released its long-awaited proposal to recapture broadband spectrum from broadcasters on TV Channels 20-51. The proposed auction promises to send waves throughout the entire communications industry: broadcasters will be able to cash in on their spectrum rights, mobile providers will have the opportunity to acquire more spectrum, and companies that rely