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Extension of Iran Sanctions Negotiations

On 24 November 2014, the P5+1 countries (China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States) agreed with Iran to continue negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear-related activities and to extend the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) that suspended a limited number of economic sanctions against Iran. The JPOA originally went into effect

Limited easing of certain Iran sanctions

On 20 January 2014, as part of the Joint Plan of Action, the U.S. and EU have implemented “limited, targeted, temporary and reversible” relief from certain sanctions measures in return for Iran’s agreement to commence the winding down of certain aspects of its nuclear program. This limited easing is valid for a six-month period only,

Additional Iran sanctions legislation

Congress is working on new Iran sanctions legislation that would further target the activities of non-U.S. companies with Iran, even when the activity has no U.S. nexus. Specifically, the House of Representatives already passed H.R. 850, the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013, by a vote of 400-20 on 31 July 2013, which would impose

Narrowing of an exemption under Iran sanctions

On 6 February 2013, U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued guidance regarding the impact of section 504 of the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act (ITRA).  As previously reported in our Iran-related client alerts and blog entries, ITRA was enacted on 10 August 2012 and imposed a number of

Expanded Iran Sanctions Now Apply to Foreign Subsidiaries of U.S. Companies

 On 9 October 2012, the President issued Executive Order 13628 implementing certain provisions of the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012.  Among other things, the Executive Order effectively prohibits non-U.S. entities that are owned or controlled by U.S. persons (including foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies) from knowingly taking virtually any action

Expanded Iran sanctions will reach non-US subsidiaries

Section 218 of the “Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012,” which was signed by President Obama into law on August 10, 2012, significantly expands the scope of U.S. sanctions against Iran by extending the full range of restrictions to the activiteis of non-U.S. entities owned or controlled by U.S. persons (including U.S. companies).  This provision specifies that the President shall, “[n]ot