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FCC Issues Public Notice on Spectrum Allocations for UAS Operations

The FCC recently issued a Public Notice that sought comment on whether to make the 960-1164 MHz and 5030-5091 MHz bands available to support unmanned aerial system operations (UAS). The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 required the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and the FCC to submit a report

FAA Warns State and Local Governments on Impermissible Regulation of UAS

The FAA’s Office of Chief Counsel yesterday released new guidance for state and local government authorities as they increasingly seek to regulate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones. The FAA’s State and Local Regulation of UAS Fact Sheet provides basic information about the federal regulatory framework for use by states and localities when considering proposing legislation or ordinances that would affect the use of UAS.

FAA Releases Rule on UAS Registration Requirements

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that nearly 800,000 small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, will be sold this holiday season, and expects sales of an additional 1.9 million UAS to hobbyist and recreational users in 2016. Over the past year we have witnessed a surge in news events involving careless operators misusing drones, including crashes at stadium sporting events and hundreds of incidents involving close-encounters between UAS and manned aircraft.

BREAKING: The FAA Proposes US$1.9 Million Civil Penalty Against SkyPan International, Inc. for Unauthorized Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Flights

The FAA has proposed a US$1.9 million civil penalty against SkyPan International, Inc. of Chicago for unauthorized UAS operations. According to the FAA’s press release, SkyPan conducted unauthorized commercial UAS flights in some of the nation’s most congested airspace and over two of its most heavily populated cities, violating airspace regulations and various operating rules.

Breaking News: New Drone Chiefs Appointed at FAA

Today, the FAA announced a long-awaited development: Two officials have been appointed to manage and coordinate the agency’s policymaking on domestic integration of UAS into our national airspace. Read More: Breaking News: New Drone Chiefs Appointed at FAA

Hogan Lovells’ UAS Group Holds Workshop on the Regulatory, Business, and Financial Hurdles to Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Silicon Valley

The Hogan Lovells Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Group recently held a workshop in Silicon Valley on the regulatory, business, and financial hurdles to operating unmanned aircraft systems. The event was of particular interest given the Federal Aviation Administration’s issuance of its notice of proposed rulemaking for small UAS operations on February 15 and the White House’s release on the same day of a presidential memorandum promoting economic competitiveness while safeguarding privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties in domestic use of UAS.

Hogan Lovells Launches Unmanned Aircraft Systems Group

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are quickly becoming an important focus of businesses, governments, and individuals. For many years, Hogan Lovells’ top-rated Aviation practice has been serving aviation clients of all types, including a variety of aircraft operators and manufacturers.